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The retail sector caters to a variety of customers by providing a large number of diverse products. As a result, retailers face many water, waste and energy challenges that often require unique solutions, from reducing water waste to balancing energy efficiency and operational functionality and the regulation of hazardous waste.

Guaranteeing customer comfort and energy efficiency

The retail industry is built on its ability to cater directly to its customers.  Customers will stay longer and purchase more if they are in a comfortable environment.  To create this ideal environment while minimizing environmental impact, retail facility leaders are implementing measures like high performance HVAC systems, efficient lighting and smart metering programs.  These solutions allow for stores and malls to regulate their energy usage, adjusting to accommodate for customers and controlling their usage at times when they do not usually have customers. 

Minimizing waste diverted to landfills

The retail sector is one of the largest producers of cardboard and plastic waste across the globe.  At Veolia, we present businesses and institutions with the opportunity to increase waste segregation and recycling with minimal impact on their daily operations.  By raising the presence of recycling opportunities within these institutions through increased number and size of recycling bins, the employment of one stream recycling and waste audits with individualized waste solutions, we are able optimize waste management and limit the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Turning food waste into renewable energy

Grocery stores account for ten percent of food waste in the United States every year.  This is no surprise considering the pressure grocery stores face to maintain fully stocked shelves in order to create an accommodating customer experience.  While limiting food waste makes it hard to maintain customer satisfaction, disposing of food waste in North America can be greatly improved.   At Veolia, we offer innovative solutions such as depackaging machines that separate food waste from plastic packaging and anaerobic digesters which break down food waste into biogas or biofuels which can be used to generate electricity and heat or transformed into transportation fuels and other forms of renewable energy.

Veolia provides energy services to 90 million square meters of retail space across the globe.

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