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Access your hazardous waste information online

Customers that partner with Veolia to manage hazardous wastes can access all of your hazardous waste information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Veolia's Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS) secure web portal. Once you register, and your information is verified, you can login any time to manage your account from the secure system.

Create a new waste profile or access an existing one, view invoices, and request certificates of tracking or manifest reports. You can easily generate reports for your own use and pull down appropriate data for government reporting. Download data into Excel or CSV files with the click of a mouse.


CIMS is easy to use

Navigation on the CIMS site is intuitive and easy to use. All the features and generating locations that you have access to are listed on your CIMS home page. Select where you want to go without changing screens. Do you want to download a shipment activity report? Just select a date range and download the report.

In addition to creating new Waste Information Profiles (WIPs) and viewing existing WIPs, registered customers of Veolia can also request downloads of environmental information, shipment activity data, management reports, shipment cost information, and Certificates of Tracking (COTs), and view invoices and manifests.

Online Profiles

  • View all your Waste Information Profiles (WIPs)
  • Request the recertification of your WIPs
  • Request a change to your WIPs
  • Print your WIPs
  • Submit a request for a new WIP

Online Invoicing

  • List and view your invoices
  • Reprint any of your invoices

Manifest Inquiry

  • List and view your manifests
  • Print a report on an individual manifest

Certificates of Tracking

  • View your COTs
  • Receive copy of COTs via email
  • Online Reporting Services
  • Review summary reports, by manifest shipped date, in PDF or Excel format

Shipment Activity Data

Four separate reports are available that allow you to review and summarize your shipments, based on the manifest shipped date. Reports are available in PDF or Excel format.

  • Shipment Activity Detail Report: Data for each container that was manifested.
  • Waste Area Summary: Volume for all containers shipped, summarized by waste area, waste name and WIP.
  • Waste Materials: Summary of all containers shipped by generator, treatment facility, WIP, source code, and manifest number. Select either RCRA or DOT and Hazardous or Nonhazardous reports.
  • Waste Name Summary: Volume for all containers shipped by generator, waste name, waste area and treatment facility.

Management Reports


Critical waste management data for all waste managed by Veolia for your locations are included, for both materials handled by our field operations group and direct shipment activity. Reports are available in PDF or Excel format for hazardous waste or nonhazardous waste within a specified date range.

  • Waste Generation and Management Reports: Provides data necessary to prepare annual or biennial reports, sorted by generator source and form codes to facilitate the completion of regulatory reports.
  • Waste Stream Activity Reports: A summary of data to monitor and manage off-site shipments, separated by generator and manifest number.

Data Download

Use this feature to interface your Veolia shipment data into your own waste tracking system, or into Access, Excel or any other software that imports data. The extract contains data from the following files:

  • Waste Information Profiles (WIPs), waste codes and descriptions
  • Approvals
  • Treatment facilities
  • Packing slip headers
  • Packing slip details
  • Manifests
  • Manifest transporter activity
  • Transporters

Shipment Cost Report

Veolia offers a manifest-driven shipment cost report that you can print for a selected date range, based on the shipment date. This function is especially helpful when planning annual budgets. Reports are available in PDF or Excel format.