Introducing Hubgrade Smart Digital Solutions

A Hubgrade center control room

Combining digitally enabled solutions with human expertise

Hubgrade encompasses a wide range of digital solutions for monitoring, evaluating, and optimizing facilities and infrastructure.

Teams of industry experts operate our Hubgrade centers on behalf of municipal, industrial and commercial customers to ensure quality data, technology flexibility, and actionable data analysis. 

By combining real-time data, advanced analytics, and human expertise, Hubgrade creates new opportunities to manage and optimize water, energy, and waste systems.


Digital solutions 
Recent developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based computing, and data science make it possible to capture more granular information on buildings, systems, and equipment. By collecting and analyzing data in realtime from our main assets, we help guide impactful business decisions.

Powered by human expertise
The growing availability of digital tools requires expert knowledge on how to put data collection and analysis to use effectively. Human operators can harness data and advanced analytics to improve operational processes through actionable insights. 


Optimizing the management of water, energy, and waste

Hubgrade serves local governments, businesses, and manufacturers by adding value through digitalization to improve facility operational processes such as:

  • Enhancing utility invoice processing, budgeting and financial reporting
  • Optimizing operations and maintenance for facilities, systems and assets
  • Improving performance, efficiency optimization 
  • Managing sustainability projects and programs
  • Managing regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Enhancing security and safety on site
  • Ensuring business continuity and stability of operations (anticipating crisis, preventing failures, shutdown, regulatory breaches)
  • Reducing utility consumption and costs


Hubgrade uses artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning algorithms, augmented reality tools, and more. Our expert teams harness these digital solutions to optimize operational efficiencies.

To date, Veolia has deployed Hubgrade centers in North America, nine European countries including France, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as in the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

See how Hubgrade's offerings are benefiting customers across a range of sectors and industrial activities.

Download the Case Study

See how one customer, concerned with pandemic travel restrictions preventing in-person equipment inspections, used augmented reality tools to remotely examine critical components with precision.

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