Refinery Waste Reduction Solutions (DBOOM/O&M)

Our innovative Design-Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (DBOOM) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) partnerships bring unmatched technology, global network expertise and decades of operational experience to support complex refinery operations.
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Customizable bespoke refinery solutions address customer needs across the entire service spectrum 


Downstream refineries produce significant quantities of Oil Bearing Secondary Materials (OBSM), wastewater and hazardous by-products during normal day-to-day operations. Without strategic solutions, management of these OBSM streams may impact refining production, capacity, tank storage and disposal fees. 


Our approach is to recover and regenerate OBSM streams for beneficial use. Our partnerships with refineries have included traditional water and wastewater operations, OBSM management, and regeneration services. 

We provide turn key solutions for over 70 refinery projects across North America, each committed to safety, operational excellence and customer service. Additionally, we operate multiple dedicated merchant facilities for sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) and potassium hydroxide (KOH) regeneration. 

Each of our projects receives unique and customized solutions designed and implemented by our versatile operations and engineering teams.

Support When You Need It Most 

Our projects are supported by a dedicated engineering staff, world class acid technology center and our Houston maintenance shop. 

Houston Lab: Veolia employs scientists capable of analyzing real time data, designing optimal solutions and monitoring the ongoing performance to deliver results. 

Maintenance Shop/Warehouse: Robust spare parts inventory and all maintenance performed in house for more cost-effective and quicker turnarounds. 

Acid Technology Center: Staffed by 30 of the world’s leading experts in sulfuric acid who provide dedicated process, technical, maintenance and operational support for our sulfuric acid plants and customers. 

Dedicated Engineering Staff: Providing process design for feasibility studies, capital projects and existing processes.

Circular Economies Within Refineries

Oily Sludge Management 

Veolia provides onsite Oil Bearing Secondary Materials management services to downstream customers with unwavering focus to safety and production. Our Houston maintenance shop provides on-demand service for our array of 3-phase centrifuge, DAFs, thermal desorption units and more. Our solution reduces environmental liability by: 

  • Reducing off-site hazardous waste 
  • Recovering oil and returning it to the refining process 
  • Reducing WWTP load

Regeneration Services 

Our regeneration services recover value from alkylation byproducts. We focus on KOH recovery, sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) and sulfur gas recovery (SGR). Our expertise and Hardtac® process enables Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) recovery for reuse. Benefits include reduced environmental impacts and disposal costs, reduced environmental footprint and maximum efficiency with >90% recovery for reuse. Veolia also produces a variety of high value sulfur derivatives such as SO3, oleum, and chlorosulfonic acid (CSA) as well as commodity non-fuming sulfuric acid.

Water and Wastewater Treatment 

Refinery operations require large quantities of water and produce wastewater that must be treated for discharge or reuse. Customers might be limited in their water consumption due to scarcity, cost or compliance measures. Veolia meets refinery water needs by: 

  • Treating water to increasing levels of purity for various refining processes 
  • Segregating and treating wastewater streams to reduce WWTP loading 
  • Meeting or exceeding local discharge compliance standards

Contact a representative to learn how Veolia can help apply our expertise to your refinery water cycle or oily sludge management needs.