1/29/2015 Eyeglass Sorting

The Pitt Lions gathered together on Thursday, January 29, 2015, to continue on with their ongoing project of preparing eyeglasses for Hondurans in need.  We had roughly 20 people help out at this event and made a lot of progress!  During this reading we cleaned approximately 100 pairs of eyeglasses, read 90 pairs, and catalogued 70 pairs! Thank you to everyone who showed up!

01/24/2015 Downtown Beautification Saturdays

A few members of the Pitt Lions traveled to Downtown Pittsburgh to help clean up and keep this beautiful city just as breathtaking as it always is!  This event was created by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership's Clean Street Team and a description provided by them is included in this post here: The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership's Clean Street Team is inviting you to be a contributing team member. Volunteer with us during one (or more) of our Saturday volunteer projects and be a bigger part of Downtown.

01/22/2015 Eyeglass Sorting

The Pitt Lions met together on the evening of Thursday, January 22, 2015, to start the new year off right and continue sorting and cataloging pairs of glasses throughout the 2015 spring semester.  We had roughly 20 people show up to this event to help out and catalog 90 pairs of glasses and read 45 pairs of glasses!  A special thanks to all that showed up!  Your help is greatly appreciated!

December Events

During December, the Pitt Lions helped with a Christmas Tree Sale that benefited the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children.  The Lions helped sell Christmas trees on both December 5, 2014 and December 6, 2014!  Speaking of December 6, 2014, a couple members of the Pitt Lions also helped out with the 26th Annual Brentwood Lions' "Breakfast with Santa" event that was held at the Brentwood Recreation Center.  The Pitt Lions also used some funds to help out with Family House's Christmas Wish List initiative.  The Pitt Lions purchased hats, food, and soap products to be donated!

Eyeglass Sorting Update

A special thank you to all Lions members who were able to help out at the Eyeglass Sortings that were held on November 20th and November 30th!  As a result of all the hard work the Pitt Lions have done in the past couple months, we have reached approimately 2,000 processed and catalogued pairs of glasses for Honduras!  An initiative that the Pitt Lions will continue to work on throughout the next semester!

11/13/2014 Eyeglass Sorting

The Pitt Lions met together on the evening of Thursday, November 13, 2014, to work further on their goal of sorting and cataloging 4,000 pairs of eyeglasses by December 1st.  At this sorting, roughy 200 pairs of glasses were read and 100 pairs of glasses were relabeled!  The Pitt Lions are very thankful to all of the people who were able to come to this event and make it the success that it was! Thank you all!


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