04/14/2015 Upcoming General Body Meeting

Hello Lions!  Our next and last General Body Meeting for the semester will be on Tuesday, April 14th, at 8pm in the O’Hara Student Center, in room 114.  We will be inducting the new board members at this meeting!  Attendance is highly encouraged to celebrate the new board for the 2015-2016 academic school year!  We will also have Rita’s Ice at the meeting!  We hope to see everyone there!

03/28/2015 Tower C-ing

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 28th, 2015, The Pitt Lions teamed up with the residents of Litchfield Tower C for a collaborative service project that focused on helping to further the Pitt Lions year-long goal to prepare 4,000 pairs of eyeglasses for those in Honduras with dire eye needs.  Throughout this event, 32 volunteers helped out, Pittsburgh Popcorn was provided for everyone, and over 600 pairs of eyeglasses were cleaned and sorted!  This event was a huge success; a special thank you to those living in the Tower C residence hall for all of their help!

Updates on Tower C-ing Progress

Tower C-ing is a service project that will take place on March 28th from 1-3pm.  This service project will include the Pitt Lions and the residents of Tower C.  As far as preparation goes, fliers have been distributed throughout Tower C and a banner has also been hung up.  The residents of Tower C are getting very excited for this event and are looking forward to teaming up with the Pitt Lions!

02/07/2015 Monthly Mercies

On Saturday, February 7th, 2015, the Pitt Lions had two of its members help out at the First Trinity Homeless Ministry (FTHM).  Both Lions members volunteered to distribute toiletries, clothing, and other essential supplies in kind donation from the church to those in need.  Great job, Lions!

02/05/2015 Eyeglass Sorting

The Pitt Lions gathered together on Thursday, February 5th, 2015, to continue on with their ongoing project of preparing eyeglasses for Hondurans in need.  During this reading we cleaned approximately 110 pairs of eyeglasses, read 180 pairs, and catalogued 270 pairs! Thank you to everyone who showed up!


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