Pitt Lions Qdoba Fundraiser

This will be our first Lions club fundraiser... to help us get to Honduras!

Wednesday November 7th, 7-9 PM

Qdoba in Oakland. The one on Forbes- right beside Bruggers!


1. Print out the attached flier (see below).

2. Cut the flyer in half since there are two on one page. On November 7th, give it to a friend. A very hungry friend.

3. Bring some more friends, tell some more people! For every flier
presented with every entree ordered, $1 gets donated to the Lions club.

4. Present the flyer when when you pay.

Rules: you CANNOT solicit on the grounds... so make sure you give your
friends fliers BEFORE you get there. Please bring as many friends as
possible! (or 2, 2 is a good number to bring...)

Get pumped to eat some burritos!