Vital Signs of the Eye Workshop a Success!

On April 1st, 2013, nine Pitt Lions attended a workshop held in UPMC's Eye and Ear Institute led by residents Dr. Amanda Way, Dr. Ahmara Gibbons, Dr. Anya Gushchin and medical students Divya Keerthy, Bo Wang, and Amy Lu. The workshop opened with a brief presentation on the eye exam and an overview of eye anatomy and physiology. Attendees then broke down into smaller groups and moved into the exam rooms with the residents and medical students. There, the residents and medical students guided Lions members through the different components of an eye exam and helped them practice conducting basic procedures themselves. Members learned how to test a patient's visual acuity, visual fields, and pupillary light reflex. With the help of technology, Lions were also able to take a closer look at the back of their own eye using a retinal camera and a retinoscope.Thanks to the residents and medical students who volunteered their time to teach our members about the eye, and thanks to all the Lions that attended the workshop!