Raised $515 for Relay for Life, Goal Met!

Congratulations to Team Captain Alex Cupo and all the participants in Relay for Life on Friday.  Through the combined efforts of of our members, we were able to raise $515, surpassing our club goal of $500.  That money is going to a great cause at the American Cancer Society.  It was remarkable how much was accomplished in such a short period of time, and next year we will set the bar even higher!


Results as of 4/17

Hi all!Thank you for your support and participation of this year's Relay for Life! The event was a success, and as Matt stated above, we met our goal of $500! But we didn't stop there! As of 4/17, we have raised $574!  In addition, we raised $21 through a Panther Funds reader from our tabling in Towers Lobby a few weeks ago, as well as $100 coming from the Bloomsfield and Harleysville Lions Clubs! This brings our tentative total to $695!  Great job guys!  -Alex Cupo, Incoming Treasurer, Relay for Life Team Captain, 2013

Results as of 5/2

Over the course of the week we tabled in April, we had raised an additional $26.00 through Panther Funds.  Recently, we deposited that money and a $50.00 donation from the Bloomfield Lions Club to bring our total to $720.00 (over $220 past our fundraising goal of $500.00)!  In addition, we are ranked at #28 of #79 teams, another great accomplishment.  Thank you all for your hard work and contribution.  I am very proud of our team and our club, and all that we have been able to accomplish this year. Hope you all enjoy your summer!  -Alexander Cupo, Treasurer, Relay for Life Team Captain, 2013