Empowering Growth in the Water Industry

To create a sustainable and thriving future for our society, it is important to recognize the vital role of talented individuals in the water sector. We proudly invest in the professional development of our staff to ensure a robust and capable workforce in this critical industry.

Investing in the Future of Water Professionals 

Front-line workers hold a crucial responsibility in safeguarding the well-being of communities, especially when it comes to the future of drinking water and wastewater treatment. The industry is facing an inevitable shift where young, well-trained professionals are needed to step in for the retiring workforce. Without qualified individuals to ensure state and federal standards are met for drinking water and wastewater, communities run the risk of failing to provide an essential public health service to their residents and local businesses. 

At Veolia, we prioritize nurturing our talent to preserve essential knowledge and ensure the smooth transfer of expertise. By proactively planning for the future, we guarantee the continuity of exceptional service and improvement in our operations.

Our Approach

Cultivating Emerging Water Talent

We are dedicated to building a skilled and flexible workforce in the water industry. By recruiting specialized workers, partnering with schools, and providing thorough training, we can meet the urgent need for new ideas and creative solutions.

Fostering Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs for interns and young workers are essential at Veolia. These initiatives play a pivotal role in accelerating skill development and nurturing talent, resulting in a cohesive workforce dedicated to serving communities with excellence.

Inspiring Water Careers 

Inspiring the next generation is crucial for maintaining a skilled workforce and diversifying prospective talent. We actively share the value of water careers with students and job-seekers, showcasing the industry's impactful contributions. 

Continuous Learning at Veolia Academy 

We take pride in fostering a culture of continuous learning at Veolia, and through Veolia Academy we invest in current staff by enhancing their skills and licensing, while also creating a pipeline of future operations personnel. This service helps increase industry exposure to anyone seeking a strong and stable career in the water and wastewater treatment industry. 

Veolia Academy, a free, online e-learning platform, offers expert-led utility operations training, personalized for license acquisition and operator excellence. Created in collaboration with industry professionals, Veolia Academy provides up-to-date and comprehensive modules yielding certificates upon completion, which are recognized in 39 states. 

With more than 100 courses in seven learning paths covering everything from the operations and maintenance of water and wastewater systems to treating and distributing drinking water, participants can learn from experts in the field, including many current Veolia North America employees. Veolia Academy also partners with vocational and technical schools to provide the curriculum necessary to prepare students to enter the water treatment workforce. This tool gives the benefit to become certified or renew an existing certification, as these classes are recognized for training hours. 

What sets our platform apart is its commitment to supporting both water utilities and the wider community, by being not only open for our employees but also to residents in need of employment opportunities, offering free access anytime, anywhere.