Total Waste Management

We have the unmatched industry experience to ensure the most efficient, viable and cost-effective waste processing solutions.

The challenge as we see it

Organizations, companies and facilities are always looking to reduce overall waste-related costs, extract value from waste byproducts and meet corporate sustainability objectives. Often, too much time is spent ineffectively managing waste and compliance, taking you away from your core business operations.

Our differentiated value

Our total waste management solutions will help you achieve your waste minimization, reuse and recycling goals through efficient management of your waste and environmental resources — helping you focus on your core business. We provide dedicated and professional project managers that can be based at your facility to manage your complete waste program and the additional labor required for recycling/sorting centers, byproduct conveyance and regulated waste management activities.

  • Compliance assurance with our staff and dedicated compliance support resources
  • Project managers that can be based at your facility or available as needed
  • Site assessments to develop custom, sustainable, cost-effective solutions
  • Benchmarking and best practice sharing
  • Reporting and continuous improvement programs focused on achieving sustainability goals
  • Best-in-class, proven programs to manage waste compliance and process improvements that are easily transferred
  • Continual improvement initiatives to reduce/eliminate waste, reduce reliance on landfill, reduce waste program costs, and focus on achieving sustainability goals
  • Project management experience with transitioning and launching new integrated waste programs

Our solutions for total waste management

We will work to eliminate, reduce or reuse waste and waste byproducts. This includes an ever-vigilant pursuit of waste treatment options to assure sustainability. Also, as corporate profits are squeezed across all industries, we can help your organization meet your responsibility to reduce company expenditures in the area of waste.

  • Analyze your waste streams for recycling, recovery, landfill diversion and alternative beneficial reuse solutions such as engineered fuels
  • Minimize your waste volumes, operate more efficiently, save money and protect the environment
  • Reduce costs through waste elimination, waste minimization, recycle and recovery programs, and new service offerings or technology

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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