Lead & Copper Rule Compliance

From service line inventory development to customer outreach—Veolia has you covered. Learn about how we can help you address new requirements under LCRR and LCRI.
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Compliance Made Easy 

In 2021, the EPA published Lead & Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) which established both new and revised compliance requirements for all community water systems. Of particular importance is the requirement to develop and submit a service line inventory of all service connections no later than October 16, 2024.

Additional changes are also anticipated with the promulgation of the Lead & Copper Rule Improvements (LCRI) expected for release in late 2023.

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With Veolia, you benefit from our integrated approach to LCRR compliance, combined with our dedicated internal expertise, which allows us to add and adapt solutions for an ever changing water sector. Look no further for a trusted partner with a clear understanding of both water treatment and distribution system operation and management with the ability to leverage both internal and external resources for full end-to-end program delivery.

LCRR requirements define significant updates to the Lead & Copper Rule, ushering municipalities to prepare for increased monitoring, public notification and infrastructure upgrades. We can support municipalities in their implementation of various LCRR requirements such as:

  • Developing a service line inventory
  • Planning and oversight of field activities such as lead service line replacement, compliance sampling, and development and implementation of optimized corrosion control treatment.


End-to-End Implementation Partner 

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Veolia will be your partner throughout the end-to-end implementation process. We will execute what is required through: 

  • A wholistic compliance-centric action plan 

  • Clear communication with all relevant stakeholders 

  • Effective and precise community notifications and engagement 

  • Tailored solutions to fit your budget and system specific needs 

  • Long standing compliance experience in the water sector 

  • Dedicated group of subject matter experts 


Solutions for Lead & Copper Rule Compliance 

Veolia offers a 4-step program to provide end-to-end solutions for Lead & Copper Rule compliance, including:


  • Digitalization 
  • Data Management 
  • Identification of Unknowns 
  • Customer Communication & Education 
  • Lead Notifications


  • LSL Prioritization Strategy 
  • Permitting & Bidding Assistance 
  • Replacement Plan 
  • Construction Management 
  • Post Replacement - Pitcher Filters, Sampling


  • Revised Sampling Practice 
  • 5th Liter Sampling 
  • Sampling Tier Classification Revisions 
  • Plan for School & Childcare 
  • Communication & Training

Corrosion Control: 

  • Lead Control Review 
  • Corrosion Control Review 
  • Corrosion Control Treatment Baseline Study 
  • Pipe Scaling Analysis 
  • Recommendation on Treatment Change

Why Choose Veolia?

A Trusted Partner

Having a partner that knows your community and is ingrained in your operation is key for long-term success. We offer proven and ready-to-use solutions supported by a deep understanding of water sector compliance. We can develop a robust action plan for your system drawing on the expertise and experience of our internal subject matter experts and offer seamless, interconnected program delivery.

A Proven Track Record

As part of a three year contract, we have completed more than 500 in-home inspections to support private-side service line identifications for the Town of Kearny, NJ. A customized GIS-based application is used to support this field-based collection of service line data during inspections, dig and determine activities and track customer participation and refusals. We also support post lead service line replacement activities with a coordinated pitcher filter distribution program. We maintain all this information in the GIS-based inventory that serves as a single source of truth combining data from various sources. This can be used to publish on utilities’ websites for customer information. 

In Buffalo, NY, we successfully developed service line inventory, including establishing tracking data tools and coordinating partnerships with multiple vendors to identify more than 500 customer side service lines. 


Contact a representative to learn how we can help you with Lead and Copper Rule Revision compliance.