Energy from Waste

Veolia annually manages over 15,000 tons of byproduct to third party facilities who use it to produce energy.

The challenge as we see it

In today’s world, industries need to meet increasing energy demands while achieving sustainability commitments. At the same time, waste generation levels are accelerating, leaving industry looking for ways to sustainably recycle or recover resources.

Our differentiated value

Veolia’s unparalleled cross industry expertise in energy and waste management uniquely positions us to develop solutions that unlock the energy potential of organic and, in some cases, inorganic wastes.

  • Derive maximum value from resources and lower costs
  • Proven solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Innovative strategies to offset non-renewable energy
  • Progressive circular economy approaches

Our solutions for energy from waste

Veolia compliantly manages all your waste needs including non-hazardous materials of value. Through our strong third party audit process, we offer customers energy from waste services to protect the environment while generating power.

  • Assessment of your current waste management practices to discover eligibility for sustainable treatment options
  • Profiling, collection and transportation of qualified materials
  • Destruction via incineration in a mass burn thermal unit
  • Waste tracking post shipment on our CIMS customer portal

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
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