Energy Efficiency Solutions

Improving energy efficiency through technology and human intelligence

Managing your energy as a resource

As energy data has become more widely available, building owners and managers are asking critical questions. How much does my facility use? What are my best options for cost savings? How will I comply with increasingly stringent regulations and reporting standards?


One thing remains clear: managing your energy as a resource through efficiency solutions is the first and best answer to these questions.

Veolia is one of the only energy service companies (ESCOs) with capabilities and expertise across the energy-as-a-service value chain. Our team of local and global engineers, operators, and analysts have decades of experience helping customers optimize how their facilities use energy.

  • Driven by client objectives, not technology sales
  • Holistic approach to energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Integrated, turnkey project delivery
  • Performance-based savings finance capabilities
  • In-depth understanding of local utility programs
  • Strong measurement & verification (M&V) capabilities
  • Efficiency projects delivered on time and within budget




Utility incentive programs

There are numerous utility incentives and state grant programs offering funds to encourage energy efficiency project investment. Veolia has experience both administering and developing applications for customers looking to utilize these programs — in combination with our turnkey project delivery solution.  We have an in-depth understanding of program requirements and how to efficiently work with program managers to ensure a seamless process.

Download our hubgrade brochure to see how we add value through digitalization to implement energy efficiency solutions.


Client Case Studies

The Dimock Center
See how building energy efficiency generated $150K in annual guaranteed savings for a hospital. [View case study]

New York Municipality
Learn more about our multi-building energy conservation measures for a NY municipality saving over $330M with a 9-year payback period. [View the case study]



10 Building Energy Efficiency Tips
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Energy performance contracts

As a full-service energy services firm, we develop conservation measures from concept through implementation. These measures can span everything from lighting and HVAC retrofits to building automation and onsite distributed energy resources such as microgrids, cogeneration, solar PV, battery storage and other renewable technologies.

We offer turnkey, guaranteed energy savings performance contracts (ESPC) for a broad range of facility types, from commercial office buildings, to court houses, museums, industrial plants and wastewater treatment facilities.



Our efficiency solutions include:

Guaranteed energy savings

Energy consulting  ---  Energy benchmarking

Energy master planning  ---  Retro-commissioning

Investment grade energy audits  ---  Energy project delivery

Energy performance contracting  ---  Utility incentive support

Monitoring-based commissioning  ---  Long-term operations & maintenance  



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