Emergency Response

We develop contingency plans for industrial and governmental entities to provide the fastest possible response times for emergency situations.

The challenge as we see it

Millions of facilities in North America manufacture, use or store hazardous materials. Since these materials are transported by road, rail, pipeline and water, just about any company is vulnerable to an accidental spill. When a spill does occur, it requires a highly specialized team with the equipment and training to bring the incident to closure as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible.

Our differentiated value

If your company experiences a hazmat spill, we are here to help. We have an extensive network of trained professionals equipped with the ncessary spill remediation equipment that can be rapidly dispatched to address most hazmat or diesel fuel spills.

  • Spill cleanup and containment
  • Level A-D response
  • Remediation and restoration
  • 24-hour emergency response dispatch
  • Veolia-owned disposal facilities
  • Incident management
  • Coordination and management of subcontractors
  • Complete closure documentation

Our solutions for emergency spill response

Veolia's emergency response teams and those of our partners are strategically located throughout North America with a network of trained, equipped crews that can be mobilized within hours. We also provide contingency planning service, which is a critical component of cost-effective emergency response for environmental emergencies and disasters. Planning for emergencies can significantly decrease response time and minimize the length of time that normal activities are disrupted.

  • A quick assessment of the spill situation when the team arrives at the scene, followed promptly by recommended stabilization and clean-up procedures
  • A dedicated response team with broad emergency experience
  • Adherence to safety protocols, as well as compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • A commitment to partner with you every step of the way to rapidly resolve the spill, including closure documentation

Download our emergency response brochure:

Veolia is uniquely positioned to service industry, government and commercial entities in improving performance, managing water, waste and energy.
Learn how

We are here to help your company effectively manage an emergency. Our National Dispatch Center is available any time of day or night at 800-688-4005.