Decarbonization for Cities, Industries and Buildings

Veolia can accelerate your progress toward a lower carbon future. Wherever you are on your decarbonization journey, we’ll meet you there and help you go further and faster.
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You committed to net zero. Now what?

Companies and governments face a decarbonization dilemma. Stakeholders, investors, customers, and the public demand climate action and more rapid progress toward a lower carbon economy. Regulations are evolving in real time. Organizations have committed to ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. Yet competing priorities and practical challenges make it difficult for organizations to advance their emissions reduction targets.

The Decarbonization Gap

In 2023, Veolia North America commissioned a study of 245 prominent firms across the U.S., each generating over $500 million in revenue, to learn how climate change risk ranks as a driver to adopt ESG goals, how they are progressing toward their goals, and their main obstacles.

51%make carbon reduction their top sustainability priority

and 82%of companies have or plan to set net zero targets by 2025

but 52%haven't identified specific initiatives

Veolia can accelerate your progress toward a lower carbon future.

Veolia North America supports responsible economic growth that meets the world’s growing needs while safeguarding the environment and communities. We are deeply committed to helping organizations accomplish their sustainability goals and achieve net zero carbon emissions.

  • Decades of experience managing sustainable energy, waste and water operations 
  • Combining data, operations expertise and automation at scale 
  • Financing models to transform capital expenses into operating expenses
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Comprehensive Solutions for your Decarbonization Journey


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Efficient facilities and operations

The decarbonization journey starts with efficiency, waste reduction and reduced energy use across all aspects of your operation.

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Digital energy management, analytics, and GHG reporting

What gets measured gets managed. Our digital energy management tools help customers make better energy decisions, track progress and provide predictive analytics to unlock hidden opportunities.

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On-site generation of low-carbon power and waste-to-fuel conversion 

We enable clean energy and alternative fuel production at your facility to reduce emissions, improve cost and reliability and reduce waste.

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Electrification and renewable energy sourcing

When on-site generation isn’t feasible, we help customers electrify processes and source renewable energy. Through innovative energy performance contracting, we guarantee savings and efficiency improvements.

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Abate and adapt

Hard to Decarbonize Processes

For hard-to-abate processes, Veolia helps fill the gap to net zero with credible and reliable alternatives. And in a rapidly changing world, Veolia also provides services to reduce risk and optimize processes for water-scarcity, extreme weather events and unforeseen disruption.


Unlock the potential for sustainability at the nexus of water, waste and energy

Investing in energy efficient and renewable technologies to improve operational performance presents a significant opportunity for organizations to reduce their operating costs, cut their emissions and build the critical infrastructure they need to thrive.

But it isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions and cutting energy costs – it’s also about becoming more energy independent and resilient to ensure uninterrupted service and safety. A major piece of any decarbonization program involves assessing the current condition of essential infrastructure and developing strategies to modernize the systems on which the operation depends every day.

Did you know?

For many municipal governments, drinking water and wastewater plants typically are the largest energy consumers, often accounting for 30 to 40 percent of total energy consumed

The Veolia Advantage

14.1 Mtonnes of carbon emissions avoided for clients

320 MM3 of water saved for clients

"A" ratingby the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP)

$1.5 Bin annual utility billing

20,000utility meters managed

40industrial facilities managed


A Proven Track Record

Richmond, Virginia
Veolia North America, DuPont Partnership Achieves Significant Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Conversion from coal to natural gas results in more than 200,000 tons in GHG reductions at DuPont's largest manufacturing facility

Commodity Procurement

United States

Comprehensive energy consulting services for a major Northeast public transportation authority

To better manage energy procurement and streamline costs, the public transportation authority sought energy procurement guidance across a very large and complex portfolio, including natural gas, electricity, and fuel oils.

Rialto, California

United States

Building a sustainable future in Rialto, CA with investments in climate resilience, energy independence, and efficiency.

Through a partnership with the City of Rialto and Rialto Water Services, Veolia delivers water and wastewater services to 100,000 people in Southern California. An innovative and prospective capital project currently under design is the installation of a microgrid, which is expected to save the city about $355,440 a year in energy costs.

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Wherever you are on your decarbonization journey, we’ll meet you there and help you go further and faster.